Welcome to Gingin

Dear New Resident 

Firstly let me welcome you to our Shire with a note of congratulations for making the excellent lifestyle choice to move to the Shire of Gingin. Our various communities, both inland and coastal, offer its residents the benefits of country and coastal living whilst being approximately an hour's drive north of the metropolitan areas of Joondalup and Midland.

The Shire is set on the traditional land of the Yued people and Gingin in particular, is one of WA's older rural settlements having been gazetted as a town in 1871. Both Indian Ocean Drive and the Brand Highway pass north through the Shire of Gingin and the new Tonkin Highway extension finishes just 15 minutes drive south of the township of Gingin where it connects with Brand Highway and the Great Northern Highway in Muchea. The Shire has the convenience of the nearby metropolitan area with all the benefits of rural and coastal living.   

About the Shire

The Shire is predominantly a rural area and its district falls within the Central Coastal Region of the Wheatbelt in Western Australia.

It encompasses an area of 3,223 km² and is home to a population of approximately 5,000 permanent residents. There are five townships within the Shire being Gingin, Guilderton, Lancelin, Ledge Point and Seabird in addition to a number of smaller rural estates. Gingin and Lancelin are the larger of the townships within the Shire with Gingin having around 800 permanent residents and Lancelin have approximately 600 permanent residents. 

Geographically the Shire stretches from the coastline across the flat sandy soils of the Swan Coastal Plain in the west to the hinterland and foothills of the Darling Scarp in the east. It also embraces the lower reaches of the Moore River together with a system of fresh water lakes, streams and swamps and the watercourse of the Gingin Brook.

The Shire’s strategic location means that it is one of the fastest growing rural areas in Western Australia and it is anticipated that the Shire’s population will grow to approximately 6,600 by 2023, increasing to 7,900 by 2031.

Agriculture is the Shire’s primary economic contributor. It accounts for 41.9% of local business and some 137,145 ha of land. However, peri-urban growth and associated pressure on market gardening has resulted in the Shire broadening its focus from traditional broad acre farming to intensive horticulture. Local industries within the Shire include cattle and sheep grazing, apiaries, irrigated horticulture, viticulture, olive groves, aquaculture, piggeries, poultry farms, wineries, abattoirs, feedlots, and cray fishing. In addition to rural industries the Shire’s economy is also based around tourism with coastal areas experiencing a large influx of people during the summer holiday season.

With its magnificent coastline, pristine river systems and panoramic views, the Shire of Gingin is a unique and exciting place to live and visit. 

Who We Are

The Shire of Gingin is governed by 9 Councillors who are elected by public vote to represent the interests and needs of the community as specified within the Local Government Act 1995The Shire's Councillors work together as a team to represent the interests of the Shire as a whole. Once a decision is made by Council it is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to see that decision implemented.

Council are supported by a team of administration and technical staff who carry out the day to day running of the Shire and the supply of services to the Shire's communities. 

What We Do

As your local government, the Shire of Gingin is responsible for numerous services. The Shire employs approximately 90 full time, part time and casual staff to meet the needs of a community including (but not limited to):

  • Road building and maintenance (Shire roads - excludes Brand Hwy and Indian Ocean Drive)
  • Planning and local economic development
  • Community support services, aged care and disability services
  • Library services
  • Maintenance of heritage assets
  • Waste collection and disposal as well as recycling and waste management
  • Maintenance of recreational grounds and public buildings
  • Street cleaning
  • Cemetery and niche wall facilities
  • Public conveniences
  • Food and health safety
  • Environmental protection and improvement
  • Building control and inspection
  • Dog and Cat control
  • Licensing of entertainment venues
  • Maintenance of parks, open spaces and playgrounds 
  • Community centres
  • Arts heritage and cultural facilities

Keeping You Informed

The Shire of Gingin is made up of various communities and as such, endeavours to communicate via a number of media channels all of the latest news happening around your Shire. Stay informed via the following methods: 

Some Useful Links

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You're invited to contact our friendly Shire staff on (08) 9575 5100 or via email mail@gingin.wa.gov.au. Staff are more than happy to answer any questions for you while you are settling into one of our many great communities.

Aaron Cook