The Shire of Gingin is committed to continuing to service the community to the extent of our abilities whilst Australia deals with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Over the next few months the Shire expects that as the Coronavirus spreads, the State and Federal Government will continue to enact more emergency measures as part of slowing the spread of the virus which our health systems simply are not equipped to deal with.

Unless these measures order the Shire of Gingin to shut down entirely, we will still attempt to continue to conduct day to day business with the public as much as is possible whilst operating within the restrictions. 

This page contains information on:

  • How the community may expect the Shire of Gingin to interact with you over the coming months

  • Copies of any information we've put out related to Coronavirus including our media releases

  • Links to State and Federal Government websites established specifically to contain information relating to the Coronavirus 

  • Copies of any information put out by the Gingin Medical Centre which is a Shire operated facility

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What the Shire is doing & how it will affect you

Visiting Shire Facilities

  • If you are sick (whether you have contracted COVID-19 or simply have a regular cold, stomach bug, etc.) please DO NOT visit any of the Shire of Gingin’s facilities including the Shire’s Administration Centre, Lancelin Office, the Shire Depot, the Gingin or Lancelin Libraries and the Swimming Pool. Stay at home and self-isolate. 
  • If you visit any Shire facility and are observed by staff to be coughing and sneezing to an excessive degree then staff reserve the right to ask you to leave our facility. If your business is of an urgent nature then staff will take your contact phone number and call you personally to assist in helping you to carry out your business.
  • If you can conduct your business with the Shire over the phone, via email, etc. then please contact us in this manner even if you are not sick. By not visiting any of our facilities, you will continue to minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Sales representatives are barred from visiting any Shire facilities without a prior appointment and if they do not need to do so, then are asked to please refrain from making any appointments for the next few months.
  • Shire staff that work outside on our roads, in our parks and gardens and to carry out necessary compliance tasks in public areas and on private properties such as Rangers, Health and Building, will aim to keep at least 1.5 metres from people. We hope this does not offend and seek your understanding in these testing times.
  • A drop box has been established at the Shire’s Administration Centre at the front door for dropping off parcels, documents, etc.
  • A barrier zone of 1.5m approximately has been established at the front counters of our facilities in order to create distance between visitors and staff. These barriers have been put in place so that front counter staff can continue to service the community whilst minimising their risk of contracting COVID-19 as much as possible.
  • Hand sanitiser is available from the front counter of our Shire facilities and the public are encouraged to make use of it when visiting.
  • Where possible, members of the public should use EFTPOS as opposed to cash when conducting business with any Shire facilities.
  • Shire facilities may be subject to closure in future for a select period of time. 

Council Meetings

  • Council Meetings will continue to remain open to the public although this may be subject to change in future. Currently the Shire is observing the 1 person per 4m squared rule and consequently, only a maximum of 25 people are allowed to attend Shire Council Meetings. This includes staff and Councillors. 
  • The public is asked please DO NOT ATTEND any Council Meetings if you are unwell whether you have COVID-19, a regular cold, a stomach bug, etc. Stay at home and self-isolate.
  • If you attend please make use of the hand sanitiser that will be provided.
  • The public should note that chairs have been removed from the Gallery section in order to create more space between attendees to observe the recommended 1.5m 'social distancing' measures. 

Public Events & Gatherings run by the Shire

  • For the unforeseen future public events, gatherings and public consultation sessions run by the Shire of Gingin have been cancelled.
  • Where possible, these events will be postponed so that the community may still enjoy them at a later time in the year, e.g. the Gingin Triathlon has been postponed from 22 March to later in November 2020. Complete cancellation will be avoided where possible.
  • Smaller events (less than 100 people) have also been cancelled by the Shire in order to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. This includes (but is not limited to) Story Time at the Gingin and Lancelin Libraries, meetings with community groups, workshops with community groups, etc. The Shire will work with community groups to arrange tele-conference calls where necessary to still conduct a meeting.

Facility Closures

  • From 23 March 2020 the Gingin and Lancelin Libraries have been closed indefinitely. Visit the Libraries section on our website for further information about services still available to the public such as borrowing online. 


Shire of Gingin Media Releases

18 March 2020 - Coronavirus Response Plan for the Shire of Gingin

17 March 2020 - A Message from the Shire President



Important Links & Phone Numbers for Coronavirus Information

Department of Health (Healthy WA) - the latest information about COVID clinics, symptoms, advice about self-isolating, etc. 

WA State Government - includes links to information like the latest news, advice for communities, health professionals, businesses plus much more

Communications from the Prime Minister - information at a more Australia wide level 

The phone number for the Coronavirus Health Information Line is 1800 020 080


Video Updates from the Shire

19 March - We'd just to say we're still 'Open for Business'


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