Services for COVID-19 Impacted Persons

Have you been displaced by the COVID-19 Pandemic? Are you a backpacker or unemployed individual and are you having trouble finding work? How is your accommodation situation right now?

If you’re in this situation, these are some of the issues you might have recently been trying to resolve. COVID-19 has impacted Australia’s economy in ways that haven’t been seen since war times or the Great Depression. If you need financial assistance or you’re not sure about where to look for employment or accommodation right now in the Shire of Gingin then there are some options. The Shire can personally help in the following areas and we ask that if you can, please sign up to our Vulnerable Persons Register - click here to do so

Alternatively, please look up details via the State and Federal Government's websites for assistance that they can provide as part of the COVID-19 financial support package both these levels of government are offering. 

ACIS (Aus Gov) Financial Assistance Advice

Services Australia (Centre Link) 

Support for WA Businesses

Pop-Up Pantry (Gingin)

The Pop-Up Pantry is a Community Initiative led by neighbours who want to help neighbours in Gingin who are experiencing food insecurity.

The Gingin Community has created a designated, easily accessible space for donation of food, hygiene, and paper products. All donated products must be within the expiry date and have no signs of damage, mould, dents rust or dirt. Products must have intact labels that are not fully or partially removed, concealed or faded.

If you are a neighbour who wants to help please give what you can. Focus on giving items your own household uses. If you are a neighbour in need then please take what you need.

What you can Donate

Non-Perishable Food Items:

  • Canned protein, vegetables and fruits
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Shelf stable meals
  • Granola and protein bars
  • Shelf-stable and powdered milk

Health & Hygiene Products:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Deoderant
  • Feminine hygiene products, nappies and wipes

General Household Items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning products
  • Garbage bags


The Pop-Up Pantry is located at the rear of the Gingin Community Resource Centre, 1A Lily King Place, Gingin where a food chest has been placed on the verandah.


  • Sylvia Kelly - 0438 575 254
  • Gingin CRC - (08) 9575 1253


Financial Hardship

If you are a displaced person in our Shire currently experiencing financial hardship, then the Shire strongly encourages you to please register with our Vulnerable Persons Register - click here. Alternatively please contact Cher Groves, the Shire’s coordinator for the register, on (08) 9575 5138 between the hours of 7am – 7pm. 

We can facilitate the provision of assistance if you need it but only if you let us know that you are in need of some help. We’re all in this together and we want to make sure that everyone gets through this.



With so many now unemployed in Australia due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to secure employment. However, there are now a number of government and private agencies facilitating work opportunities (mainly in the agriculture sector) if you’re finding it tough to get employment right now. Please note that the following is not a comprehensive list and it is provided as a courtesy. The Shire of Gingin does not endorse any particular agency.

  • Jobs in WA Food & Ag – Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development and WA Farmers and other members of the informal Food Alliance WA,



If you are a displaced person (i.e. backpacker or grey nomad, etc.) in our Shire currently with no fixed abode and you are seeking accommodation, the following options are available:

Under the WA State Government’s implemented restrictions, accommodation such as caravan parks, hotels, etc. are allowed to remain open to those with no fixed abode, i.e. displaced persons isolated in WA regions following the implementation of travel restrictions. If you are a legal accommodation provider in the Shire of Gingin and would like to be included on the list above, please contact the Shire via