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Vulnerable Person Register

Those kind Canadians are inspiring us all with their “Care-mongering” campaign. This campaign is designed to identify those in our community in need of help and those wanting to offer their help.

The Shire has established a Vulnerable Person Register to launch our own #Caremongering campaign. If you are a Vulnerable Person then we encourage you to register or if you are someone who knows someone in need of assistance to get essential items or who may need checking up on or a phone call once a week then please encourage them to register themselves on the Vulnerable Person Register. Contact Cher on (08) 9575 5138 or register below. 

You/someone may be considered vulnerable if they:

  • Are frail (single or couple)
  • Have mobility issues
  • Are aged and live alone
  • Are not aged but have significant barriers, no local support or they live alone

Other considerations may include:

  • People who have recently moved to the area and have not yet established community connections
  • Households with disabled family members
  • Stranded Interstate and International travellers
  • Households struggling to put food on the table due to the loss of employment because of the Pandemic. 


Can You Offer Help instead?

If you would like to make an offer to your fellow community members in the Shire or you would like to volunteer in some way then the Shire has also established an Offer Register.

Contact Cher on (08) 9575 5138 or register below. 

You could offer things like:

  • Pick up of essentials for those on the Vulnerable Persons Register
  • To share excess essential items that you have bought with your fellow community members, e.g. maybe you have extra toilet paper, etc. that is surplus to your needs.


Forms to Offer Help or Tell Others You are OK/Not OK

We've created a handy form that you can print off and drop around to your neighbours if you would like to offer your services to them. We have also created red and green 'I am OK' / 'I am not OK' signs that you can print out and place in the front window of your residence where it will be easily visible from the road. 

Hi Neighbour! We've dropped you this note to tell you that we're happy to help if you need it

'I Am OK' printable form (green)

'I am Not OK' printable form (red)


If you would like to sign up to the Vulnerable Person Register or the I Can Help Register, please complete the following online form. 

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Which Register are you signing up for?
If you selected the 'Vulnerable Person' Register, in what way do you require assistance?

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