Community Update - Clarification on Shire President Election Process

Published on Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at 3:54:50 PM

Please attribute information below to Shire CEO, Aaron Cook.

The Shire of Gingin wishes to clarify comments circulating on social media following yesterday’s Special Council Meeting that the role of Shire President should have been popularly elected through the election voting process, as per larger Local Governments.

The Shire of Gingin is a Tier 3 Local Government and, as such, a publicly elected head (such as President) is not a mandatory requirement, as it is for Tier 1 and 2 Councils. In fact, very few Presidents of Local Governments of our size are publicly elected. 

The Local Government Act clearly outlines the requirements for the appointment of a Mayor and/or President, and should there be a desire to change this method, it must be resolved by Council and then an application made to the Minister. This would then, if accepted, apply to the next election of Council.

Regarding this, any changes to the election of the Shire of Gingin’s Shire President would be a significant alteration to the current process and would warrant serious consideration and consultation. If it were then to be progressed, it would need to be planned and budgeted for at additional cost to the election process.

Please note that once a statutory local government election has commenced this process cannot be changed, so any resolution of Council and acceptance by the Minister would need to be facilitated prior to the commencement of the next election process.

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