Community Update - DWER Gingin Brook Weir Works

Published on Friday, 6 May 2022 at 4:12:12 PM

The Shire has received a number of queries concerning the Gingin Brook Weir, and we would like to provide our community the following update:

  • The weir located on Gingin Brook below the Mortimer Street easement is owned and operated by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. DWER obtains essential streamflow data from this site which assists with the sustainable management of Gingin Brook water resource.

  • The weir requires remediation works and is being upgraded to improve the accuracy of the streamflow data and the effective life of the weir.

  • The river height and flow both upstream and downstream of the weir will be unchanged from the works.

  • Silenced water pumps are operating to bypass river flow around the weir. This is a less invasive option with reduced environmental impact than a traditional approach eg, an excavated trench to bypass the river flow.

  • Pump operation is dependent upon river conditions, with increased river flow requiring greater pumping output. To reduce disturbance to the local environment, flora and fauna, and to maintain consistent flow along the waterway, it is not possible to discontinue pumping operations until the works are completed.

  • Noise dampening barriers are being considered for installation on site to reduce the impact of noise resulting from the pumps.

  • The construction works will likely take up to four weeks to complete if no delays are experienced.

If the community has any further queries regarding this project, please contact Sam Avery, DWER, on 9726 4126 or


Aaron Cook

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