Congratulations to Gingin on your 150th

Published on Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 9:09:00 AM

On behalf of Council, I would like to offer my congratulations to the Project Team, sponsors, volunteers and the community of Gingin on the occasion of your 150th Anniversary for the township of Gingin.

The 150th event, held in honour of the town ship of Gingin and its community, was simply a marvellous example of community spirit and hard work. In Western Australia only a small handful of communities have reached this momentous milestone. The 150th aimed to showcase the long and rich history of Gingin and what it means to be a resident of Gingin today with the event featuring many different activities. From the local produce to the history displays (showcasing Gingin’s strong pioneering stories and links to both the metro area, coast and with the Yuat Nation just to name a few) to lost trade demonstrations, competitions, live entertainment, market stalls, fireworks and more – this event exceeded all expectations.

It is an absolute credit to the Project Team that was formed just 12 months ago that this event was ultimately so successful. Council and I have heard nothing but wonderful comments from event attendees in relation to the Gingin 150th with a great number expressing their wish to hold an event of this scale annually in Gingin.

Council and I would specifically like to acknowledge the Project Team who have worked so hard on this event over the past year. Our thanks to Aaron Crofts, Carolyn Brodie-Hall, Carrie Edwards, Dianne Miller, Kerry Fewster, Rachael Brown, Robert Brodie-Hall, Robert Kestel and Robyn Kapor. I would personally like to also acknowledge my fellow Councillors who were part of the Project Team – Cr Kim Rule and Cr Linda Balcombe and also Shire staff Amy Gibbs (Team Leader), Meredith Taylor and Miranda Wallace. All involved committed to undertaking countless hours of work behind the scenes in order to ensure the success of this event so my congratulations and thanks to your all.

To the many other Shire staff that also assisted in the preparation and running of this event – my thanks to you. From the various garden and road works undertaken by the Operations team prior to and during the event to the direction of traffic and support to the main project team by Administration staff on the day of the event – none of this would have been possible without your support.

To the team at Hills Billy Cart Inc, Shalom House, the community volunteers and all the sponsors who contributed to this event – thank you and congratulations. Your contribution made this event a reality for the Gingin community and without your support, it would not have been possible.

To the community of Gingin – Council and I offer our congratulations. The Gingin 150th will go down as a significant event in Gingin’s history and no doubt many of you now have special memories of this event.

To our residents in Guilderton, Lancelin, Ledge Point, Seabird and our estates – thank you for your support provided to your fellow community members in Gingin. Council and I look forward to the day that each of you also reach your respective milestones of 100 years and so forth since your gazettal. The events sure to be held then to mark those occasions Council and I are in no doubt will also create many more wonderful memories for our community residents.

Congratulations on your 150th Gingin. I hope that the next 150 years will continue to bring you more terrific community memories and opportunities as the township of Gingin continues to go from strength to strength.

Cr Wayne Fewster


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