Disposition of Property

Published on Thursday, 20 April 2023 at 1:07:33 PM

In accordance with the provisions of Section 3.58(3)(iii) of the Local Government Act 1995, the Shire of Gingin hereby gives notice of its intention to dispose of property as follows:

Disposition Type:      Sale
Purchaser:     Belgravia Pro Pty Ltd
Property:   Used plant and equipment including 2nd hand utility, trailer, 3 lawnmowers, 2 trimmers, edger, pole saw, chainsaw and blower.
Market Rental Valuation:   $45,280 (incl GST)
Consideration:    $45,280 (incl GST)

All submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Gingin, PO Box 510, Gingin  WA  6503.  Submissions may be posted to the above address, delivered in person to the Shire of Gingin, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin or emailed to mail@gingin.wa.gov.au.

Submissions in relation to this disposition of property will be accepted up until 4.00pm on 9 May 2023.


Aaron Cook

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