Restricted Burning Period has Commenced

Published on Monday, 16 March 2020 at 4:57:36 PM

With the end of the Prohibited Burning Period on 14 March, the Shire of Gingin area has now entered the Restricted Burning Period.
This period will run from 15 March to 31 May 2020 although the end date may be extended if conditions remain dry and the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer and Fire Control Officers (FCO) judge that it remains unsafe to end the Restricted Period on the proposed date. Such an extension occurred last season and the public are asked to be patient if this does occur. Extensions to the Restricted Burning Period are not undertaken lightly and are only undertaken when there is a genuine concern regarding current conditions as judged by the Shire’s Fire Control Officers and Chief.
During the Restricted Burning Period you will need to apply for a Permit (available from Monday, 16 March 2020) from your local FCO (refer to your Firebreak Orders posted out to ratepayer’s last year for your area’s FCO and their contact number) at least 1 week before you burn. Please note that Fire Permits will only be available on a limited basis until further notice due to current conditions.
Before you apply:
  • Have your address ready
  • Know the size of your burn and ensure materials are dry
  • Check that your firebreaks are maintained and that the burn area is trafficable
  • Check your firefighting equipment and resources are in good working order
  • Have the contact numbers of 3 able bodied people who will be at the burn
  • Remove plastics, treated wood, tyres and other material (you can only burn vegetation) from the area
  • If you conduct a controlled burn on your property you are responsible if that fire gets out of control even during non-prohibited periods of the year.
  • If an FCO judges that your fire is out of control then you may be asked to extinguish it. If a Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is required to extinguish the fire then costs may be incurred.
  • If your burn escapes then you must report the incident to the Shire within 7 days including how it escaped, any losses and the equipment used to suppress the fire.
  • It is recommended that before you burn you have appropriate insurance to cover you, your land and your public liability.
  • We recommend you undertake weed control after burning to help maintain the reduced fuel loading.
Further enquiries may be directed to Phil Barrett, Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, for the Shire of Gingin on 0408 943 576. If you have misplaced your copy of your Fire Break Orders then copies are available for downloading from the Shire of Gingin’s website – click here to download.

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