Published on Friday, 16 October 2020 at 3:15:00 PM

Next Tuesday Council will be considering an Agenda that has plenty of items that will be of significant interest to the community including:
  1. The proposed closure of Edward Island Point Track (item 11.1.1)
  2. The proposed creation of a Vehicle Prohibited Area at Edward Island Point (item 11.1.2)
  3. 150th Gingin Anniversary Event planned for 2021 (item 11.2.5)
  4. Implementation of new Local Law for Off-road Vehicle Areas (item 11.3.4)
  5. Appointment of a new Doctor to the Gingin Medical Practice (Confidential item – 15.1.1)
These items and others that Council will consider may be viewed here
The Agenda contains background information on each item with the exception of the confidential item. Community members are encouraged to read these items in advance of the meeting so as to understand the reasoning behind the recommendations being presented for Council’s consideration.
At the meeting Council will vote on each item. It may choose to accept the Officer’s recommendation, make changes, defer or they may choose to reject the recommendation for that item altogether.
Council is aware that Items 1 & 2 as listed above have drawn much interest and comment from the community. These items were both afforded a period for public comment so Council will be taking all submissions received into consideration when it votes on these items.
Council is also aware that there is strong public interest in Item 5. However because the officer’s report contains information that relates to a contract that may be entered into by the Shire, this matter will be treated confidentially in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995. As required by the Act, Council’s ultimate decision will be made available to the public in the minutes of the meeting.

Attending the Council Meeting

Unfortunately WA is still in Phase 4 restrictions due to the Pandemic and the State Government has yet to make an announcement when WA will move towards Phase 5 restrictions. This means that spaces in the public gallery remain restricted to 15 persons. If you would like to attend the Council Meeting then you are required to register in advance to attend. It is first come, first served so to secure your place please call (08) 9575 5127. Registration will close at 2pm, Tuesday, 20 October (1 hour prior to the meeting).
Given the limitation on attendance due to the Pandemic, community members interested in asking a question of Council on any item should consider appointing a representative to attend the Council Meeting to speak on their behalf. Information about Public Question Time and an e-form to submit questions is available on the Shire’s website - click here to view.
If you would like to comment on this post then we ask that you do so in a respectable way. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, especially on local projects and issues they feel passionately about. However, that does not excuse poor behaviour online.
Further enquiries about any of the items on the Agenda for Council’s meeting next Tuesday may be directed to the CEO (Aaron Cook) on (08) 9575 5100.

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