Policies are adopted by the Council to provide guiding principles for use during the decision making process. Council often reviews and amends these Policies in line with evolving community needs. You can view Council's policies in our Policy Manual. 

Shire of Gingin Policy Manual

Policy 1.2 Use of Council Chambers and Meeting Rooms

Policy 1.4 Council Policy Management

Policy 1.12 Shire of Gingin Logos and Branding

Policy 1.14 Attendance at Community Progress Association meetings

Policy 1.18 Tourism

Policy 1.23 Record Keeping

Policy 1.24 Risk Management

Policy 1.26 Briefing Session Protocols

Policy 1.28 Award of Title Honorary Freeman of the Shire of Gingin

Policy 1.29 Councillors' Entitlements

Policy 1.30 Bereavement Recognition

Policy 1.31 Councillor Nominations for Industry Representative Positions on External Bodies

Policy 1.33 Continuing Professional Development - Council Members

Policy 1.34 Dealing with Complaints

Policy 1.35 Related Party Disclosures

Policy 1.36 Eligibility for Early Rates Payment Prize Draw

Policy 1.37 Closure of Shire Facilities for Christmas-New Year Period

Policy 1.38 Attendance at Events (Councillors and CEO)

Policy 1.39 Financial Hardship

Policy 1.40 Solar Panels on Shire Owned or Managed Infrastructre or Assets

Policy 1.41 Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Policy 1.42 Code of Conduct Behaviour Complaints Management

Policy 1.43 Appointment of Temporary or Acting CEO

Policy 1.44 Regional Price Preference

Policy 2.27 Voluntary Superannuation Contributions

Policy 2.30 Organisational Structure

Policy 2.31 Transaction Cards

Policy 2.32 Gratuities

Policy 2.33 Execution of Documents

Policy 3.2 Investments

Policy 3.7 Distribution of Funds to Community & Sporting Bodies Through CSRFF

Policy 3.8 Environmental Allocation Fund

Policy 3.10 Purchasing

Policy 3.12 Tourism Allocation Funding

Policy 3.15 Playgrounds

Policy 3.17 Asset Management

Policy 3.18 Disposition of Assets

Policy 3.19 Fees Relating to Planning and Building Matters

Policy 4.1 Rewards - Theft & Vandalism

Policy 4.2 Bush Fire Control

Policy 4.3 Contribution to Legal Fees - Volunteer Fire Fighters

Policy 4.4 Trading Activities Within Lancelin Foreshore Reserves

Policy 4.5 Handover Policy for Non-Sporting Use of Football & Cricket Recreation Oval

Policy 4.6 Shark Response

Policy 6.1 Acceptance of Management Orders - Reserves Created as a Result of Subdivision (previously Acceptance of Management Orders by the Shire Over Foreshore Reserves)

Policy 6.2 Applications for Clearing of Native Vegetation ((previously Land Clearing – Manner for Dealing with Applications to Clear)

Policy 6.3 South West Native Title Settlement Land Based Consultation

Policy 7.1 Crossover Subsidy

Policy 7.2 Playground Equipment

Policy 7.3 Removal of Flora, Firewood etc

Policy 7.4 Management of Verges

Policy 7.5 Exploration Drilling on Shire Roads & Reserves

Policy 7.6 Road Transport Heavy Haulage

Policy 7.7 Hiring of Small Plant by Council Employees

Policy 7.8 Guidelines for Roadworks, Drainage & Subdivision Development

Policy 7.9 Construction of Gazetted, Unmade Rural Roads to Max Value $20k

Policy 7.10 Construction of Gazetted Unmade Rural Roads with Value Exceeding $20K

Policy 7.11 Trees on Shire Controlled Land

Policy 8.8 Temporary Accommodation

Local Planning Policies can be viewed in a separate section on our website. 


Contact the Shire's Governance Department on (08) 9575 5100