Annual Rates Notice Mailout - Missing Firebreak Order & Bush Fire Information Brochures

Published on Friday, 22 September 2023 at 1:38:41 PM

By now, you should have received your Annual Rates Envelope from the Shire with the following items inside:

• Rate Notice
• Firebreak Order & Bush Fire Information
• Budget Bulletin
• Tip Pass & Parking Permits
• Waste Recycling Calender

Unfortunately we were notified that some ratepayers hadn’t received their Firebreak Orders & Bush Fire Information brochure. Upon investigation our contractors missed a tray when packing the 5000+ envelopes by hand, it is estimated that just over 60 envelopes are missing their Firebreak Orders. If you did not receive your Firebreak Orders (or any other items) please contact the Shire on 9575 5100 or email to receive a copy.

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