Blocked Culverts & Drains

Published on Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 2:55:04 PM

Unfortunately, our Shire’s Operations team are dealing with issues arising from individuals obstructing culverts and drains with materials that could pose significant risks to our assets and the well-being of other residents and ratepayers.

Intentionally blocking culverts and drains can result in flooding, infrastructure deterioration, erosion, environmental degradation, and disruptions to traffic flow – so it is crucial that blockages to culverts and drains are addressed promptly to mitigate these risks and ensure the efficient operation of drainage systems.

As winter approaches, we urge people to refrain from obstructing Shire assets with any materials – and we ask landowners to please check and maintain your property's infrastructure, which include any crossovers and verges.

In the new financial year, Shire staff will organise a liquid waste truck to clear sand and debris from culverts and drains, with the aim to optimise the functionality of these systems.

If you become aware of any blockages or damage to culverts and drains in the Shire, please contact the Shire Operations Department asap on 9575 5100 or

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