Dog & Cat Registration Renewals due from 1 November

Published on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 9:57:00 AM

All cats and dogs within WA are required to be microchipped and registered (dogs from 3 months + and cats from 6 months +) as per the Dog Act 1976 and Cat Act 2011. Cats are also required to be sterilised unless exempt under the Cat Act 2011.

This is a reminder that dog and cat registration renewals expire as of 31 October annually so in order to renew, you need to touch base with the Shire from 1 November to undertake a renewal (unless your pet already has a Lifetime Registration). Registrations can be renewed for either one or three years. Lifetime registration is also available. Either download and complete the relevant form from our website (Cats / Dogs) and email it back to us via or pop into either our Gingin Admin Centre or our Lancelin Office to complete the form and pay for your renewal.

A breakdown of renewal fees as per the Dog Act 1976 and Cat Act 2011 can be viewed as follows:


1 Yr 3 Yrs Lifetime
Standard $20 $42.50 $100
Pensioner/Concession $10 $21.25 $50


1 Yr 3 Yrs Lifetime
Standard $50 $120 $250
Pensioner/Concession $25 $60 $125

CATS (to be sterilised unless exempt as per the Cat Act 2011)

1 Yr 3 Yrs Lifetime
Standard $20 $42.50 $100
Pensioner/Concession $10 $21.25 $50

Moved home or changed your contact details?

Please update your pet's registration details with us if you've moved to the Shire of Gingin or within the Shire to a new address. By doing so, you will help us to be able to easily return your pet to you should they get lost and be collected by the Rangers.

If you have moved out of the Shire of Gingin, please touch base with your new local government to transfer your pet's details to them. You should also contact us when you move for your Registration Certificate to take to your new local government which will make it easier to do your pet transfer.

If you've changed your phone number or email then it is also a good idea to update those with us to in order to ensure we can contact you quickly should your pet end up in the pound.

Has your pet passed away?

If your fur baby has passed away, please let us know so that we can update their details in our system.


If you have any queries regarding the registration of your pet, please contact the Shire's Rangers on (08) 9575 5140.

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