Prescribed Burn Notification - Nilgen

Published on Monday, 24 October 2022 at 3:04:37 PM

Please be advised that a prescribed burn has been scheduled for Nilgen, details as follows:

  • Address: Lot 4028 Ocean Farms Drive, Nilgen (see diagram below)
  • Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022
  • Duration: 1 day (0800hrs – 1700hrs)
  • Size: 7.5ha
  • Shire Contact: Evan Lawrence  – Bush Fire Risk Mitigation Coordinator, Shire of Gingin – 0487 624 698

What’s happening:
Contractors engaged by the Shire of Gingin will be undertaking a prescribed fuel reduction burn at this location. The burn is planned to run for approximately 8-10 hours. The works are a continuation of the Shire of Gingin’s mitigation works that, in combination with weed-spraying, mulching and vegetation modification, aims to reduce high fuel loads and lower the risk to the community on Shire land in and around the estate. These works will greatly reduce the impact and spread of fire within the estate in the event of a fire emergency.  

During burning operations smoke from the prescribed burn may drift towards properties to the north of this location given the forecasted moderate southerly breeze. It is anticipated that this smoke will dissipate relatively quickly and shouldn’t linger within the estate for too long. Residents are advised to close all windows, turn off air-conditioning units and bring in any washing should they feel that the smoke will affect them adversely. Residents with breathing difficulties or allergies are advised to remain indoors where possible.

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