Restricted Burning Period - Important Information

Published on Friday, 26 April 2024 at 10:09:03 AM

The Shire of Gingin will be moving into its Restricted Burning Period on Monday 29 April, however due to the current dry, unseasonal weather conditions we will be invoking s 24G(2) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, which requires a permit for “all fires” including fire pits and 1 x 1 garden refuse.

Additionally, PERMITS WILL ONLY BE ISSUED to primary producers with legitimate requirements for crop preparations, with strict conditions attached. Please note, the Shire’s online permit function will remain off and only paper permits will be issued to those who qualify by the FCO for the relevant locality.

Any fires lit without a permit will be met with a $250 infringement, up to $3,000, as per s24G(3) of the Bush Fires Act 1954.

The updated burning period conditions will remain in force until further notice, once weather circumstances change. We understand the inconvenience this may cause, however the safety of the community is paramount and the introduction of fire into such a dry vulnerable landscape has the potential to place large areas of the Shire and its communities at an unacceptable risk.

Any queries may be directed to Chief Bushfire Control Officer, Phil Barrett on 0408 943 576.

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