Restricted Burning Period - Updated Information

Published on Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 2:37:15 PM

Due to the recent widespread rainfall across the Shire, the BFAC executive has elected to revoke the s24G(2) restrictions on burning and enter into the standard Restricted Burning Period as per the Firebreak Orders, effective Thursday 2 May. This will allow fire pits and 1 x 1m piles to be burnt without a permit.

The Shire’s online burning permit system has been reactivated for permit requests – see here for access.

Please note that FCOs will be asked to ensure adequate conditions are placed on permits as the conditions are still not conducive for large scale burning.

Questions can be directed to either Shire CESM Phil Barrett on 0408 943 576 or the relevant FCO in each locality.

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