Shire of Gingin Mitigation Activities Update

Published on Monday, 10 June 2024 at 3:29:54 PM

Please attribute information below to Shire CEO, Aaron Cook.

The Shire of Gingin takes a proactive and strategic approach in relation to mitigating and reducing the risk of bush fires impacting our communities, assets and infrastructure, and environmentally sensitive areas. The Shire has been successful in securing $418,000.00 of state government funding for the 2023/24 period through the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) via the Mitigation Activity Grants Fund Program, this will enable us to undertake a series of targeted and strategic mitigation works on Crown land managed by the Shire.

The mitigation works for the 2023/24 funding period have been rigorously assessed, planned and designed to protect our coastal settlements and associated infrastructure, improve access and egress for residents and emergency crews during a bush fire, and protect environmentally sensitive areas/native habitats.

The following is a snapshot of the upcoming mitigation works:

Prescribed burning: to be carried out in strategic locations across the Shire in an effort to better manage and contain larger runs of fire across the landscape whilst protecting our coastal settlements and residential areas. These planned burns will be conducted by the Shire in conjunction with our local volunteer bushfire brigades during optimal weather conditions, and will provide strategic buffers of low vegetation fuel loads ahead of the summer high threat period. Upcoming works will be conducted in the following areas:

  • KW Rd x Sappers Rd, Nilgen (completed)
  • Sappers Rd x Mimmegarra Rd, Nilgen
  • Nilgen Rd, Nilgen
  • Nabaroo Rd, Cowalla
  • Cowalla Rd, Wanerie
  • Boonanarring Rd, Boonanarring
  • Ashworth Rd, Mooliabeenee
  • Telephone Rd, Neergabby

Mechanical Works: undertaken to alter the physical arrangement of vegetation via mulching, slashing and pruning. The alteration of fuel loads in strategic areas will assist volunteer brigades in undertaking much needed planned burning activities and lessen the intensity of fire impacting strategic roadways, townsites and residential areas. Upcoming works will be conducted in the following areas:

  • Lancelin Rd, Lancelin (south of townsite extending across to Indian Ocean Drive)
  • Cowalla Rd, Cowalla
  • Cowalla Rd, Wanerie
  • Telephone Rd, Neergabby
  • Cockram Rd, Lennard Brook
  • Boonanarring Rd, Boonanarring
  • Ashworth Rd, Mooliabeenee
  • Mogumber Rd West, Regans Ford

The Shire's volunteer bushfire brigades also continue to undertake and assist with targeted and strategic prescribed burning outside of the State’s funding program. These planned burns are coordinated in conjunction with the Shire of Gingin, DFES Metropolitan North Coastal Region and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions – Swan Coastal Region.

All questions and queries can be directed to our Bushfire Risk Mitigation Coordinator (Shires of Gingin, Victoria Plains and Dandaragan), Evan Lawrence on 0487 624 698.

Above photos are from the recent mitigation works completed on the intersection of KW Rd and Sappers Rd in Nilgen. Photography by James Morton (Gingin West Volunteer Bushfire Brigade) and DFES Metropolitan North Coastal Region.

Shire of Gingin media contact:

Matilda Agnew
T: (08) 9575 5150

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