State Government advice sees new direction for Coastal Erosion Mitigation Plans at Lancelin

Published on Thursday, 17 October 2019 at 3:50:50 PM

*Please attribute the information below to Shire President, Cr Sam Collard.

At a recent meeting with the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage and the Department of Transport, it was advised that should Council want the State to seriously consider assisting with erosion issues in Lancelin or elsewhere in the Shire, then an inundation study would need to be completed. In essence: if Council was to proceed with the construction of the proposed Lancelin sea wall then the State will not provide assistance in the future as these works sit outside of the State’s direction on this matter.

What Council representatives took from this meeting was that because the sea wall construction is not supported by Council’s adopted Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP), then if the Shire proceeds with the construction of a sea wall based on the information at hand, it would effectively be on its own. Any further issues or liabilities that may arise as a result of the construction would have to be addressed using Shire resources.

It is relevant to acknowledge that this issue is potentially the single largest issue that the Shire of Gingin currently faces. As Council cannot afford to tackle this issue on its own, it needs State and Federal Government assistance to be able to advance forward. Thus, Council will continue to lobby strongly in this area for action.

As such, if Council does not comply with the requests of the State and Federal Governments then the Shire can expect to essentially be left “holding the bag”. It is recognised that the situation has the ability to change quickly and action may need to be taken at short notice.

Consequently Council has rescinded its decision to construct a geo textile wall at Lancelin and will instead undertake the following:

  • Preparation to conduct an inundation study;
  • Apply for funding from the Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program to enable the preparation of an Asset Relocation Program;
  • Review and update the Shire’s CHRMAP with new information gained as a result of undertaking the first two dot points;
  • Allocate $40,000 per annum from Coastal Erosion Levy funds for sand renourishment works to be undertaken as and when required including investigating the utilisation of sand from the Shire’s own resources. Any funds not utilised are to be rolled over or utilised for other beach management works in restoring sand dunes; and
  • Continue to politically advocate to the State and Federal Governments for assistance into preparing a report into long term action to protect coastal communities.

Council acknowledges that the coastal erosion issue is a long outstanding issue that has caused much frustration and concern for the Shire’s coastal communities. Given the complexity of this matter however, Council cannot afford to make an incorrect decision which it cannot maintain long term due to a lack of funding and increased liability. Council is not prepared to do anything that may bankrupt or jeopardise the financial position of future any Shire of Gingin Council.

Given the complexity and ongoing nature of this issue, the Shire intends to ensure that the community is kept up to date with regular updates via our various media channels and community information and/or consultation sessions as necessary.

Additionally, the Shire has also established a page on its website which includes a list of ‘frequently asked questions’, a copy of all the video updates it has undertaken on this topic since June 2019 and also further background information on the progression of this matter. Community members may also submit any further questions via an online form on this page and there are contact details for community members to speak to a Shire officer personally regarding this issue. Visit




For further details contact:

Aaron Cook
Chief Executive Officer
T: (08) 9575 5125

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