Successful Turnout in Lancelin for Coastal Management Infosession

Published on Monday, 14 August 2023 at 2:56:27 PM

Please attribute information below to Shire President, Cr Wayne Fewster.

On Saturday 12 August, approximately 150 interested community members and stakeholders attended an information session in Lancelin which provided attendees an opportunity to inspect draft plans and documents detailing the Shire of Gingin’s proposed coastal erosion and inundation management strategies for its coastal towns of Guilderton, Seabird, Ledge Point and Lancelin.

The Shire is currently inviting public comment on its draft Coastal Management Strategy and revised Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan which has been prepared by coastal planning consultants Shape Urban, supported by a team of coastal engineers, environmentalists, economists, and landscape architects.

Attendees at the Lancelin infosession were able to direct their questions and concerns on proposed actions and recommendations from the plans to representatives from Shape Urban, as well as Shire staff and elected members.

“It was great to see the turnout at this infosession,” said Shire President, Wayne Fewster. “It was a constructive forum for the community to better understand, discuss and agree on how best to tackle the complex issues associated with coastal erosion in the Shire.

“There is no doubt that this issue has a lot of people worried and as elected members we share this concern deeply, so it is important for our communities to understand that we are listening, and we want your input on the Coastal Management Strategy and CHRMAP before these documents are adopted by Council.

“I also need to emphasise that no decisions have been made yet, so I urge anyone who has something to say or feedback to offer – whether positive or negative - to please do so as soon as possible.”

This is the third community consultation opportunity the Shire has undertaken in two years of preparing plans and strategies for finalisation.

“Contrary to what some people are saying on social media, we have provided numerous opportunities for our coastal communities to provide their input and we are doing everything we can to help Lancelin and our other coastal town communities – not just survive but flourish. This, however, may mean making some difficult decisions for coastal planning and development in the future.

“The turnout on Saturday was by far the most community involvement we have had on this coastal planning journey, helping us to understand more about local activities, needs, and coastal values than had previously been shared with us. This will help us to better refine the appropriate management strategies.”

Another community infosession is being held this Saturday 19 August at the Seabird Hall, Chalon Ave, Seabird.

Consultation period closes Monday 28 August 2023.

For more information and to have a say on this important issue in the Shire of Gingin, please see here.


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