The Prohibited Burning Period - FAQs

Published on Thursday, 18 November 2021 at 12:19:00 PM

The Prohibited Burning Period is scheduled to commence 22 November 2021 at this stage for the Shire of Gingin. 

Annually the Shire receives a number of common questions during this period so the following FAQs and answers have been compiled.

Can I still use my BBQ during the Prohibited Burning Period?

Yes - you can. Electric and gas barbeques can still be used (even on a Total Fire Ban day) so long as there is at least a 3m radius cleared around the barbeque of any flammable material. BBQs using solid fuel (i.e. wood, heat beads, etc.) are prohibited. 

Is there a difference between a Total Fire Ban (TFB) and a Harvest, Hot Works & Vehicle Movement Ban (HHWVMB)?

Yes there is. A TFB is enacted by DFES and a HHWVMB is enacted by the Shire. They can be put on at the same time or independent of each other. Different activities are permitted depending upon the type of ban.

Can I ride my motorbike if a Total Fire Ban is on?

You can provided it is on a gazetted road only. Riding motorbikes or any other type of vehicle through paddocks and on bush tracks when a TFB is on is prohibited due to the risk of lighting a fire whilst in close proximity to dry vegetation.

How can I find out if a ban is on?

The Shire provides an SMS service which gives notification when a ban has been placed. Click here to subscribe to this service or call the Shire on (08) 9575 5100.

It’s not that hot. Why has a Total Fire Ban been put on?

When a major bush fire (emergency alert - red) occurs in WA, DFES and other state agencies will scramble resources to combat the fire promptly. Sometimes multiple fires may be ongoing at one time and if they are concentrated around an area of the state (e.g. Perth and surrounds), then this can put a severe strain on resources. Sometimes as a precaution DFES will enact a TFB even if conditions aren’t that warm or windy in order to preserve the State’s fire fighting capacity if it is currently dealing with a number of large bush fires.

To learn more about fire bans, please click here, visit DFES’ website or contact Phil Barrett, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, on 0408 943 576.

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