Unrestricted Burning Period Now in Effect

Published on Monday, 27 May 2024 at 2:36:07 PM

Please be advised that owing to favourable weather changes, the decision has been made to enter the Unrestricted Burning Period, effective immediately. This has been determined to allow some burning to take place prior to the onset of significant rainfall later in the week.


Regardless of which permitted burning period we are in, it is important to register your burn with DFES on 9395 9209. This will prevent firefighters from being called if smoke is reported.

And if you plan to burn, make sure you let your neighbours know.

For more information on planned burning visit DFES link below:


Or check out the DFES “Burn SMART – A Planned Burning Guide for Small Landowners” link below:


Any queries can be directed to the Shire CESM on 0408 943 576.

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