Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group - February Update

Published on Thursday, 23 February 2023 at 2:53:22 PM

The Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group (UCSFWG) held its third meeting on 8 February 2023 at the Lancelin Sporting Complex to finalise Stage 1 priorities for the Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Masterplan for recommendation to Council.

Chaired by Cr Andrea Vis, the meeting was attended by 10 sporting club members representing their respective clubs.

VIMG, owners of the Lancelin South Development, attended the meeting and presented an update to the UCSFWG on the Lancelin South Development Plan, including the upcoming Stage 2 subdivision.  They then answered several questions from the group on timing of construction, recreational facilities servicing the development, traffic considerations, and promotion channels.

As agreed at its meeting of 21 December 2022, the UCSFWG recommended the updated priorities be presented to Council for endorsement. The changes in priorities put to Council for consideration were the inclusion of both the Lancelin Golf Club and Lancelin Bowling Club in the Master Plan, installation of a 10-rink synthetic bowling green in Lancelin, installation of additional golf cart storage at Lancelin Golf Club, and the relocation of Pegasus Gun Club. 

The UCSFWG also requested that Council review the timing of the installation of a path between Lancelin townsite and the Lancelin Sporting Complex, and that the Lancelin Sporting and Community Club be included in consultations with the development of Lancelin South as it relates to the provision of sporting facilities within and adjacent to the development area. 

Council, at its meeting held on 21 February 2023, endorsed all recommendations submitted by the UCSFWG and thanked the Working Group for its work and input in reviewing the Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Master Plan priorities.

For more information on outcomes from UCSFWG meetings please contact:


Les Crichton

T: 9575 5100
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