Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group Update

Published on Friday, 18 November 2022 at 10:01:09 AM

Following the Shire of Gingin Council’s decision at its 20 September 2022 meeting to re-establish the Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group (UCSFWG) for the purpose of reviewing the sporting facilities’ priorities, including those included in Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Masterplan, the UCSFWG held its first meeting on Wednesday 9 November at the Lancelin Sporting Complex.

Chaired by Cr Robert Kestel, the meeting was attended by representatives from:

  • Lancelin Community and Sporting Club Inc
  • Lancelin Bowling Club
  • Lancelin Golf Club
  • Lancelin Ledge Point Football Club
  • Lancelin Ledge Point Basketball Club
  • Lancelin Ledge Point Netball Club
  • Ledge Point Country Club
  • Ledge Point Bowling Club
  • Ledge Point Golf Club
  • Shire of Gingin

Apologies were received from the Lancelin Ledge Point Hockey Club and Pegasus Shooting Club.

The purpose of this first meeting was to clarify the purpose and objectives of the UCSFWG and set the program to complete the review.  Also clarified was the basis for which the group would undertake the review, detailed as follows:

  • While not specifically identified by the Department of Sport and Recreation, duplication of the facilities does represent a risk to the sustainability of those facilities where resources are limited. Council, in re-establishing the UCSFWG, has however acknowledged the community’s concern at the removal of some facilities during the Master Plan process. 
  • While other infrastructure may require renewal, the focus of the UCSFWG will be on sporting facilities.
  • The $5 million budget presented during the Master Plan process was to provide an indicative figure only, reflective of a more achievable funding resource available to and from the clubs, Shire, and external grant funders. Previous master planning processes had indicated budgets of more than $50 million, which were beyond the financial capacity of all parties and created unrealistic community expectations. 

Outcomes of the meeting included agreement that:

  • Club representatives would review the Master Plan implementation priorities as adopted by Council on 19 October 2021 detailed on page 13 of the Upper Coastal Sub-Region Sporting Facilities Master Plan;
  • Submit any priorities it would like to add, delete, or modify for inclusion with those priorities to be reviewed, and
  • A scoring tool/matrix to assist the UCSFWG with prioritising process will also be included in the agenda for the next meeting to be held 14 December 2022.

Further updates on the UCSFWG review will be communicated when next available.




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