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This newsletter is produced on a monthly basis and is published in four local newspapers operating in the Shire of Gingin area which currently includs the Northern Valley News, Gingin Buzz, Coastal Courier and Moore River News.

As of August 2020, this newsletter has become electronic as well. Electronic copies can be viewed by clicking here. An A3 back and front version of this newsletter will begin publication from September 2020. At that point you will be able to subscribe to receive it either electronically or via the post. 

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Community Newsletter

The Shire produced this newsletter between March and June 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic in WA. It contained information relating to what activities the Shire of Gingin undertook to combat the spread of COVID-19, how it affected the Shire's dealings with the community, useful links and more.

As of July 2020, COVID-19 related news has been transferred to be shared via the Shire's regular newsletter known as the Council to Community. Copies of COVID-19 Community Newsletter are available for viewing as follows. 


Club and Community Newsletter

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